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Photo-construction Portraits

As in the tradition of the portrait paintings by Titian and Velasquez the subjects presented are people that are important in their field and  community. They are heads of corporations or lawyers that represent companies in international business affairs. Also in that tradition they are surrounded  by a personal history. Though these photos are in a standard portrait composition the surrounding materials are drawn from unusual sources: flea markets, hardware stores, magazines, newspapers, and fabric stores. The elements were selected to reflect the field in which these accomplished gentleman work and metaphor and amplify a larger picture that they are involved in.


Statement: These photo-constructions are made up of photographs that are the exact size of the responding fragments or details of a whole piece. They are then assembled in order of sequence of their shooting to form a whole record of still life or installation. The size of the still life is equal to the size of their corresponding photo construction because of the use of close-up optics creating a detailed image as if the installation was photographed with a lens the same size as itself yielding a hyper-reality unlike other methods that similarly use one photograph to record on large subject.  These elements are placed, stretched and composed as if they were visual symbols in a painting in which the juxtaposition of different materials and organic matter are intended to create a subtle tension in the installation.  For example flowers wrapped in barbed wire and readable articles about disaster or violence are placed side by side with fine fabrics and other more delicate materials.  These are combined and entwined not only to physically compose but to metaphorically stimulate the final still life.  As one will notice in the work the spatial concern is more oriented to the surface rather than to deep panoramic space.  Newspaper fragments combine with other more tactile elements to emphasize a readable surface and a linear process of assembling.  These pieces metaphorically are like a composite of separate chords and notes that when finally combined resonate as the memory of the collective whole.  Essentially this is how we see, taking in details, and assembling them into a coherent whole.

Individually Assembled 35mm Photographs

Illuminated Gloves

Illuminated Hockey, Baseball, Boxing Gloves, and Western Saddle

These Gloves and Saddle I have illuminated like manuscripts. The nature of the designs painted and tooled on their surface are based on a group of drawings entitled the  “Airplane Series.”  The final piece stands a modern relic and testimony to a past action or potential one.

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