Peter H. Mackie


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Works in Video

My work in video comes from a long relationship with Painting, Film,Photography, and Sculpture in the vision of “Expanded Cinema”.  In the work that is presented I try to extend the plastic quality of the moving image to bend and transform space.  This creates an alternative architecture of light, movement, and color.  This architecture exists in an ethereal space and is as portable as light itself.


My final ”Kinetic Paintings” are a product of this intense investigation of ways that film or video can be projected onto sculptural surfaces. These final products can be kept in the pure three dimensional space or  transposed into a flat more malleable state for portable exhibition as in the case of the videos presented. They are also presented in a loop format that is likened to a meditative state.


These videos can be combined together or can exist as single projections depending on the piece that is considered. I have chosen for the most part projecting these images on existing walls of buildings and billboards to avoid costly construction and to use the inherent spaces in DUMBO. The other pieces have minimal structural building. They can be more technically detailed and ultimately implemented when one is possibly selected.

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